Privacy Policy

Clients often ask me if I will share their images on my website or anywhere else.

Sessions are 100% private.

Images are NEVER shared anywhere without your permission. Each image I share online has been approved by the women in the photos. Many of my clients have high-profile careers and/or desire complete privacy. I understand and will keep your images 100% confidential.

The only other person besides myself in session is the make-up artist to assist me, but if you feel uncomfortable with her there you can tell me and she will gladly leave the room. It’s important to me that we can work one-on-one to create a relax atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable and have fun.

I’m always grateful to clients who allow me to share some of their images since so much of choosing a boudoir photographer is based on…you guessed it… seeing that photographer’s work! I do ask for permission to share images from time to time. IF you are open to letting me share some of your images, you have the final say in exactly which images are shared – IF any.

There’s NO requirement to share images in order to book a session.

You will receive a questionnaire nearer to your shoot to fill out and send it back to me so I can go through it and see what your privacy preference are.

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