I am a photographer who love to capture that essence in a person showing their true beauty. This passion for boudoir only started when I did my own shoot with the ever so wonderful Sarah from Mia Elle Boudoir. I was at my lowest point in my life where I did not appreciate myself and had a low self esteem.

After I received my photos from her I was stunned!! I looked amazing!! Plus size and all I looked gorgeous to myself! I then started to love myself again!

My husband then bought me my first DSLR camera and I contacted her. She encouraged me to give this to God and let my inspiration and passion flow.

So this is what I want to portray to every client I shoot! I want them to relax and enjoy it and let the process lead you. I do not care if you do the shoot for yourself or for your partner. You will love the way you look and he will love the way he feels. So com-on and book your session with me!

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